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for generations, the united states of america has played a unique role in global security, and as an advocate for human freedom. mindful of the risks, costs of military actions we are reluctant to use force to solve world problems. one of our interest and values are at stake we have a responsibility to act on our interest--is at stake. that is what is happening in libya with the last couple of weeks. libya is between egypt and tunisia two different nations that have inspired the world when the people rose up to take control of their own destiny. for over four decades, the people have been ruled by a tyrant. moammar gaddafi has denied his people's freedom. exploited his wealth, murdered opponents at home and on a broad and terrorize innocent people of around the world including americans. there were killed by libyans. last month, the grip of fear gave way to the promise of freedom. cities, towns across the country libyans took to the street to claim their basic human rights. as one libyan said for the first time i only have hope that our nightmare of 40 years will soon be over. faced with this
." >> this is bbc world news america, reporting from washington. our gaddafi forces on the run? rebels appeared to turn the tide in brown fighting and are now trying to take the libyan strongman hometown. inside japan's nuclear effect erasion zone, a rare look at the desolate area near the crippled reactor, even as word comes up new leaks of highly radioactive water. defining the american dream. we begin a special series examining the experience is of those who have come to call the u.s. home. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. in libya, state television is reporting you allied air strikes tonight, even as anti-government rebels) on what could be an important symbolic victory after a weekend of military gains. there have been moving steadily west, retaking towns they had earlier lost, moving from benghazi, the rebels are now in control of three other towns. the biggest victory could be the capture of sirte, colonel gaddafi's home town. >> taking the fight to colonel gaddafi's birthplace. rebels pounding targets near the town of sirte. a victory here would have h
can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is "bbc world news america." dock the's forces on the run. rebels appear to turn the tide -- gaddafi party forces are on the run. they are attempting to take the stronghold. the rebels said they will take this road all the way to tripoli. the closer they get, the more resistance they can expect to face. inside the nuclear evacuation in japan, where a rare look at the desolate area near the crippled reactor. new reports of a highly reactive water. defining the american dream of. we begin a special series examining those who have called the u.s. home. >> welcome to our viewers on a pbs in america. and in libya, state tv reports the new allied air strikes tonight even as anti-government rebels closed in on what could be an important symbolic win. they have been moving steadily west. moving from than gauzy, they are now in control -- moving from benghazi, the biggest win would be the capture of sirte. >> is taking the fight to colonel gaddafi parks and birthplace -- gaddafi's birthplace. a victory here would have huge symboli
. a public service created by america's cable companies. >> our series of interviews with likely g.o.p. candidates continues with former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. we'll talk to him about his political career. when he began thinking of running for president and why. what issues he thinks are important in the 2010 campaign. states rights and health care. his views on abortion. church views on state. and his views on catholocism. this is about 50 minutes. >> when did you decide you had to get involved? >> the same motor vague as a lot of the tea party people. i thought this was a tipping point. if obama care took over the health care system, america as i was given it, as my grandfather and father came to this country that place would no longer exist. i went out started talking and working on campaigns and helping people around the country and trying to stir people up and provide a message, and i got a lot of feedback saying, hey you should think of doing this again, running for something. just again, kept walking down the path. i found out by th
address on saturday. here's what he said in south america last week about why we're there. >> our military action is in support of an international mandate from the security council that specifically focuses on the humanitarian threat posed by colonel gadhafi to his people. now, i also have stated that it is u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go. and we've got a wide range of tools in addition to our military efforts to support that policy. >> what does he need to say tonight? >> he hasn't addressed the american people and done it in a sort of logical way to explain why the it's in the u.s. interest, and particularly with secretary gates saying it's not a vital interest of the united states. how does this differ? i don't think he's going to address this tonight. i think he wants to be deliberately ambiguous about this. but why is this in the united states interest to protect civilians, the humanitarian mission and not what's happening in syria, to protesters. why it's not in our interest to protect the protesters in yemen or in bahrain. so that case has not been made. and i don't think he's
. if the government took over the health care system, america as we know it, as i was given it, as my grandfather who came to this country that place would no longer exists. so i just went out and started talking and working on campaigns and talking to people around the country and trying to stir people up and provide a message and a lot of feedback. you should think about doing this again, running for something. i kept walking down the path. i found out, by the way, when i went to iowa we had been in 21 states but when i went to iowa c-span actually covered my speech. other folks started paying attention. they said, "oh you are running for president." i said, "no, i'm just visiting the states." i kept going back to iowa and then new hampshire and south carolina because, every time i did, i got covered. i wanted to be heard. when i did that, was encouraged by people in those states to start thinking about it and that is sort of how this all happened. it was really by accident. >> you were quick to point out you are not a tea party guy. >> i love the tea party but i will not claim the mantle. tea part
at all. good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. a lot to report today. you have been told by the media and politicians alike that this theory is wrong. that there is nothing to it. pay no attention. well, that was the storyline that was churned out and rehashed by pundit after pundit and reporter after reporter for god knows how long. but as we watch the middle east and now the rest of the world catch fire and we watch the events of the day play out, well, it has to become more and more clear who is correct. and who is incorrect. so then the question would become wait a minute, why hasn't the incorrect side rushed? you know, all of those who rush to dismiss or discredit the view point come out now and rush out and say whoa, whoa, whoa. wow, it is really happening. what would stop them from reporting what is now the undeniable documented truth? this is important, because you will see by the end of the show that there is another agenda. another possible explanation. i think the likely explanation here is those with real power need you to be, need you to need them. to need th
states of america. and if the european allies and nato cannot manage to pursue this with the same intensity that they have exhibited over the last week, they are likely to call upon the united states to do more and the u.s. will remain part of the coalition. i think that's part of the complexity of this and the contradictions inherit in his policy that the president will have to address this evening. >> nick and david, back with us in a few minutes. how has the coalition military campaign changed the balance of power on the ground in libya? i want to go to the map and look at this. the president does not like the term war when it comes to this. is this a war? is the united states at war? >> well, you talk about war and i think you talk about world war one and i would not use the term "war." the guy on the ground getting shot at, it's like war. >> the president of the united states addresses the american people tonight. i want to close the map and go back here to march 18th. let me close this one down today. this is march 18th. this is the day before it all started. and here's -- y
in the people at toyota, all across america. chevron. we may have more in common than you think. and by bnsf railway. and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy, productive life. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: the libyan rebels' drive to oust moammar qaddafi reached the outskirts of his hometown and tribal base today. fighting erupted outside the city of sirte, home to 100,000 people. it's a key stronghold guarding the approaches to tripoli, 225 miles away. the rebels had already rolled up a series of eastern cities in a lightning advance over the weekend, behind a curtain of coalition air strikes. we have a report from outside sirte from lindsey hilsum of independent television news. >> reporter: they're fighting just east of sirte, colonel qaddafi's birth place. the rebels who swept up the road yesterday found hi
. the second issue deals with america's interests and whether what happened in libya actually effects the united states. >> secretary gates said it is not of vital interest to the united states. >> i don't think it's vital interest for the united states but we clearly have interests there, and it's a part of the region which is a vital interest for the united states. >> what we're doing and qaddafi's history and the potential for the disruption and instability was very much in our interests as bob said and seen by our european friends and our arab partners as very vital to their interests. >> shepard: well, those interests, of course, include all together now, oil. libya has the world's ninth largest proven reserves of oil. and 90% of libya's oil goes to europe. primarily italy, germany, france, and spain. there is one more overarching issue with libya. that's whether it sets a bad new bar. in other words, is what we do now a sort of indicator of what's to come later if there is another uprising? or is this some sort of special case? secretary clinton says places like syria or the ivo
.d. her performance will be shown on "good morning america" on tuesday, but we have a sneak preview for you. >> reporter: fans lined up at midnight. some even camped out at civic center plaza. >> brittani, you are my -- >> sky 7hd gives you an idea how many people waited to see brittney in the flesh. >> so exciting. san francisco is on fire. >> so excited. >> reporter: once the doors opened, it took 90 minutes to fill the civic auditorium. "good morning america"'s robin roberts were right behind the fans as brittney was getting ready to debut her new c.d. >> not a psychology major but what attracts so many people to brittney spears. >> she is what she is and she has been through the ups and downs and always comes out though upside of it. >> reporter: we're told be can only show her singing one song. we're not allowed to give it all away. if you want to watch the entire concert, got to watch "good morning america" on tuesday. [cheering] >> amazing. cheering cheering >> some thought the pop star was perhaps a little rusty. >> definitely not dancing as much as we would want her to be d
to the american people. since returning from south america, the president has begun to talk in greater detail about our involvement in libya. for the second time, he's discussed our operations in and around libya with the congressional leadership. over the weekend he devoted his entire address to the topic and he'll speak to the american people tonight about our operations in libya. all of this is welcome and in my view, overdue. before addressing what answers i hope to hear from the president this evening let me address the notifications to congress that the president has made. prior to the initiation of combat activities in libya the congressional leadership received two forms of notification of the president's decision to order americans into harm's way. prior to departing for his overseas trip, the president notified the congressional leadership of his plans to send american forces in to combat in action a limited discreet role to destroy the integrated air defenses of the libyan government and to enable our allies to estab
>>> making news in america this morning. >> president obama gets ready to make his case for the u.s. role in libya. today's speech to the nation comes as libyan rebels go on the offensive. >>> japan rattled by another earthquake as the credibility gap widens in confusing statements about that criminalled nuclear plant. >>> and back here at h final four final four bound. virginia commonwealth gets ready for another wild week after another march madness stunner. >>> good morning. we begin with libya where rebel forces are advancing on the capital tripoli this morning. >> and there's an unconfirmed report they've already taken moammar gadhafi's hometown which is a government stronghold, the rebels are benefitting from they air strikes by the international coalition. >> and tonight, president obama tells the american people why the u.s. thread effort. abc's emily schmidt joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: peggy and rob good morning to you. this is now day ten of the no-fly zone over libya. president obama plans to address the nation tonight about libya. he's expected to sa
on in libya and can the president tell america tonight? >> no, i think richard knows more about what's going on in libya than anyone. we didn't know anything about iraq when we went into iraq. the president is going to get so many different pieces of advice from different advisers. some will say, don't make the syrians or the saudis mad. the president has to say what he believes. he needs to speak to the american people and say, here's the world, it's complicated. here's what i think, here's what we're trying to do. if he tries to reach too many different audiences. >> it's not going to be effective. >> we have a military who's mostly done this on their own initiative. i would -- >> what do you mean? >> i've described the atmosphere of my friends on the inside is one of consternation. there was clearly a message coming from the white house saying, we're not going to do anything militarily. our guy, our troops, our planners are planning like we had to do something and we had to. our military has to respond to policy, policymakers. there's been very little in the way of clear policy, clear dir
morning america this tuesday, but lyanne has a preview for us right now. >> reporter: from down below or high above sky 7hd, you felt the excitement of the fans waiting anxiously for britney to arrive. >> ♪ i'm so excited >> reporter: some were here since midnight. honestly, what do you talk about while standing in line? >> talked about britney, her goods and bands and what she has been through and all of her videos and our favorite songs. >> people came from as far as brazil to hear the pop star's new song "hold it against me." >> i can come here to visit her. >> the mini concert was free. tickets sold in less than 15 minutes. it took much longer to fill the civic auditorium. and "good morning america" hosted the event. >> the music is good. i feel like i am on american bandstand. it has a beat. i think she is someone people pull for. >> i am a classic guy. >> he says "i am" and dr. sues would be proud. and many would be proud to be called a britney fan. >> are you really a big fan? >> you know what, i am. i am so excited i cry when i say it. >> we can only show britney singing one
too contradictory characterizations of what america's interest is in libya. what did you hear from that exchange between secretaries gates and clinton? >> well, gates is clearly a realist. he's always been. this is not new. that's how he's been able to serve two presidents well, both bush and obama. but the notion of what is vital interest is something that one can debate. if you had asked me -- and i come out of a realist background myself. if you had asked me six months ago, do we have an interest to intervene in libya, i would have said, probably not, i would have to scratch my head to see whether we did or not. but things have changed dramatically over the past few weeks. libya is not just about libya. we see all these revolutions are connected. we see that public empowerment in the region is connected. we see that the message that is sent in libya is heard in damascus and in yemen. there is a very important american interest in the revolutions and particularly in seeing the peaceful revolutions that are seeking primarily freedom and dignity succeed because that is the best ant
after bank of america because apparently they have a huge amount of profits and they didn't pay any taxes in 2009. we're going to talk about that in a second. 100-some-odd protesters. it's not london, but they're getting there. we had huge protests in wisconsin as well for many weeks on end. and they had, you know, some success in galvanizing people. and as you're about to see, they also cost the republicans some serious poll numbers. and that has an affect as well. but one thing it didn't have an affect with is governor walker. today in defiance of a court order, he came out and said i'm going to public my law taking away union rights. he says you can't pub lush it. it has to be done by the secretary of state. he said i don't give a damn. he had it published on the website of the legislature and skipping the law, skipping the courts. courts, what are they for? he thinks he's a tough guy and i guess he in hsmoli hielunr,ouno over ronald reagan, which doesn't make any sense. but he's ignored all the public opinion and guess what it's done to him? it's cost him a lot of popularity. wa
will be international. >> when will the u.s. combat role in the operation end? will america's commitment end in days, not weeks, as the president promised? what will be the duration of the non-combat operation and what will be the cause? what national security interests of the united states justified the risk of american life. >> wolf, you know that there has been criticism from the president's own party for not coming to congress before to get approval before this military mission in libya. the man you just heard there, mish mcconnell says he thought the helicopter had the -- did the right thing and he said that if the stop and duration of the mission continues to expand, if u.s. forces launch additional air strikes, then the will the will have to come and get approval. >> the president said the u.s. leadership, the command would stop within a matter of days. nato would take charge but never did say the u.s. would ever walk away from its responsibilities. clearly this mission no matter the command is going to continue into the foreseeable future. robert gates said yesterday that libya was not in th
new warnings on the nuclear crisis in japan. welcome to "america live" on a monday. i'm megyn kelly. workers are finding new pools of radioactive water leaking from japan's crippled nuke plant at this hour. material from one of the six reactors is spreading further into the ocean. the new concerns started less than 24 hours ago when japanese officials reported a spike in radiation levels 100,000 times above normal inside reactor two. a cabinet official confirming that a partial meltdown at that plant is to blame for the spike. the plant's operator is reporting extremely high radiation levels in water tunnels outside the reactor. so high that top u.s. environmental officials report that a single dose is enough to cause hemorrhaging. more from osaka, japan. >> reporter: yes, megyn. it is looking serious now in terms of the quantity of radiation emanating from the nuclear plant. it appears that we have significant problems at reactor 2 and reactor 3. hearing there are pools of water in a trench that drains off from the reactor towards the sea. it's about 90 feet from the sea, we believ
on tonight's live edition of huckabee. [applause] america is involved in the mission to libya left a lot of people confused. president obama who has a nobel peace prize and okay with having our drop tomahawk missiles over libya and raising a lot of questions about the president's foreign policy or obama doctrine as people call it i will be honest with you, i am not sure i understand the obama doctrine? do you understand the obama doctrine. our audience doesn't derve it either. we are asking two white house advisors on the show. please welcome sarah swift and dr. robert pane. [applause] >> mrs. swift the bush doctrine was controversial and simple and clear. take the fight to the enemy over seas before they attack us here at home. if i would like to ask you if you can put the obama doctrine as it relate to libya in simple termings. >> governor huckabee, they have answered this and he made it clear. this particular situation, it is the show how they apply for suggestions and each time it is an example to take with a natural committee and that is the moment that we give our own unlateral att
. still, the critics are questioning the american's involvement and want to know how long america will stay. >> reporter: president obama will explain what's next tonight. >> our involvement is limited. both in time and scope. >> reporter: lawmakers have been calling on the president to clarify his position. >> it's fair to ask, what's the role of the military and military alliance in providing support to an opposition that we're only now beginning to understand. >> reporter: the white house is working to make a clear distinction in the military position. at the white house, daniel noting a.m., wjz, eye -- -- daniel nottingham. >>> you can watch the president's address to the nation about libya here on wjz at 7:30 tonight. >>> more radioactive spills at a japanese plant. vic has more on the spills. that's a dangerous situation. >> reporter: scientists say that the amount of plutonium found is small. also, today, a grim anniversary where workers gathered outside of the three mile island plant. those offered prayers to japan. mary, back to you. >>> thank you, the final death toll is
in america who have been diagnosed with aids, and they're being forced to flee the country, because people don't understand that. now, suddenly, rock hudson has been forced to flee the country to get treatment for aids. >> as far as we know, he has never made a public for announcement about aids, and we consider it a national health crisis and hopefully now, he will feel better about stepping forward and saying something that this is a crisis and this is what the government is going to do about it. >> it was a secret apparently on the public. so another question is being asked now, how will that affect other celebrities who may also be in the closet? >> the whole issue of whether or not he's gay, and if this will encourage other people to do such is a whole arena of speculation and hope within the gay community. >> rock hudson left paris after a few weeks and returned to los angeles where he lost his battle with aids on october 2nd, 1985. he had revealed his illness at a time when that was something a star simply didn't do. 12 years later, reporter gloria hillered looked at how hudson's re
a catastrophe. tonight, president obama will try to convince a skeptical public and congress america's mission in libya is working. he'll deliver a nationally televised speech just a day after nato agreed to take full command of the operation. and at least one u.s. warship reportedly left the region. >> i think the military mission has gone quite well. >> reporter: the obama administration touted progress. following another weekend of air strikes. coalition forces hit targets in tripoli, and for the first time, moammar gadhafi's hometown of sirte. since the attack started more than a week ago, rebel forces have been able to push west and regain control of several towns. the president's speech comes in amid growing complaints from both republicans, and some fellow democrats. critics say he never asked for congressional approval before taking military action, and still hasn't given them a clear plan. >> this policy has been characterized by confusion, indecision, and delay. >> there should have been a plan for what objectives were, a debate as to why this was in our vital interests. >> reporter:
. >> president barack obama will speak on america's involvement on monday as though white house seeks to say that the mission is not clearly defined. senator john mccain had this to say. >> on one hand they say it's humanitarian on the other they say khaddafi must go. >> a source close to the syrian government tells cnn that the cabinet is expected to resign next week as soon as they decide on a new prime minister. an emergency affect is in the process of being lifted. protesters were being shot as they called for government reform. >> if he turns his weapons on his people he is running the risk of having the world community comment and said propose a no-fly zone just as we are doing in libya. >> secretary of state hillary clinton said that the u.s. has no plans to enter the conflict in theory. the temperatures were freezing. an event giving a jump-start to chicago and gardner and gardening have been the last thing on the minds of people in st. louis. look all that snow. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it
the signs of steroids abuse. >>> what president obama is expected to say about america's future in libya tonight in a speech. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday, the 28th day of march. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00 straight up. in honor of this lovely weather we're having this week we decided to bring everyone upstairs. >> this will be permanent. >> and celebrate. >> the gang is all here. and we have sunshine. >> hey it works. >> i'm jealous. so let's start off with some weather and some golden rays out there. >> we have been giving frank a hard time. ever since he arrived we have seen rain pretty much every day. >> it's over. >> so my question, are you going on vacation on wednesday and thursday? we are finally going to see some sun. >> i haven't been told yet but maybe i should. i'm okay with a three-day weekend if that's what it takes. >> that may be why we're seeing sunshine but you will finally get to see what sunny california looks like. i know you grew up here but it's been a long time since we have seen the sun. >> we are
this morning but the associated general contractors of america gave the project its build america merit award for the way the contractor slid out the old section and put in the new section 150 fight in the air. >> kristen: the san francisco board of sers supervisors will consider the future of the major house go development. they want approval of plan to add 5,000 housing units to the world war ii era complex. tomorrow's hearing will focus on concerns about the environmental impact and traffic on already crowded 19th avenue and they are looking into the possibility of adding a transportation hub in the area. >> eric: facebook wants to hire president obama's former press secretary to oversee colleges. robert gibbs left the white house in february after serving two years. "new york times" reports that gibbs has received an offer from facebook that worth millions. facebook wants to build a communication team before the stock goes public and analyst predict the ipo could be worth $60 billion. largest in history. >> eric: museum has come up with an unusual way for passengers to pay attention to so
before you to proclaim tonight america is a land where dreams can come true for all of us. [cheers and applause] >> greta: geraldine ferraro a celebration of life. we look back at vice presidential candidate geraldine ferraro's life and legacy. she died yesterday at the age of 75 after a fierce 12 year battle with blood cancer. everyone, men and women, and, yes, of both political parties were excited when ferraro bloke that glass ceiling for women. as you know, she has the first female vice presidential candidate. in 1984 walter mondale asked ferraro to join his democratic ticket. he eventually lost in a landslide to ronald reagan. her place in history was cemented. proud to be the first woman on a presidential ticket. sheet was also proud to be the first italian american woman on a ticket and she let us all know that prior to running for vice president, she was a lawyer and three-term congresswoman from the city of new york. the burrow of queens. she served ambassador to the yaptions commission on heim rights. she also had a television career first at cnn and several years later s
's "good morning america." kgo gives us a sneak peek right now. >> reporter: fans lined up at midnight, some even camped out at civic center plaza. >> it's all worth it for you, britney. you are my -- you are my god. >> reporter: sky 7 hd gives you an idea of how many people waited to see britney in the flesh. >> the helicopters and i are arriving at the same time. it's so exciting. san francisco is on fire. ♪ i'm so excited ♪ ♪ hit me baby one more time ♪ >> reporter: once the doors opened it took 90 minutes to fill the civic auditorium. "good morning america's" robin roberts and sam champion were behind the fans as britney was getting ready to debut her new cd, "femme fatale." obviously you're not a psychology major, but what is it that attracts so many people to britney spears? >> she is what she is and she's been through the ups and downs and always comes out on the upside of it. >> i've been humming "hold it against me" all day. in the car it's like, sam, stop. >> reporter: we're told we can only show britney singing one song. we're not allowed to give
the whole performance on tuesday's "good morning america." the kgo gives us a sneak peek right now. >> reporter: fans lined up at midnight, some even camped out at civic center plaza. >> it's all worth it for you, britney. >> reporter: sky 7 hd gives you an idea of how many people waited to see britney in the flesh. >> the helicopters and i are arriving at the same time. it's so exciting. san francisco is on fire. . ♪ i'm so excited ♪ hit me baby one more time >> reporter: once the doors opened it took 90 minutes to fill the civic auditorium. "good morning america's" robin roberts and sam champion were behind the fans as britney was getting ready to debut her new cd. what is it that attracts so many people to britney spears? >> she is what she is and she's been through the ups and downs and always comes out on the upside of it. >> i've been humming "hold it against me" all day. they're like, sam, stop. >> reporter: we're told we can only show britney singing one song. we're not allowed to give it all away. if you want to watch the entire concert, you've got to watch "good morni
customer service. thankfully there's still one place that gets it right. [music playing] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you. >> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00 -- on your side. >> former president jimmy carter is in cuba. he was invited down to discuss ways to improve u.s.-cuba relations. he will meet with castro. his three-day trip is considered a private mission. he last visited in 2002. >>> the funeral mass for a geraldine ferraro is set for new york city. she was tapped to join walter mondale for the presidential run making ferraro the first woman on a major party ticket. she died on saturday from blood cancer. she was 75. >>> it former prosecutor accused of sending explicit text messages will not be facing criminal charges. he resigned from his job at the district attorney office in october. he is accused of trying to start a woman as he prosecuted her ex- boyfriend on an assault cha
that speech at 7:30 eastern. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> get more ne >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> handed over command and taking the case to the american people. -- handing over command. we will have the situation in libya. it's monday morning, thanks for joining us. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will get to meteorologist steve rudin. it is cold out there. >> it is. we have the potential for even more winter weather as we move through the workweek and school week until. 33 at dulles airport 32 in winchester, 28 in cumberland. look at the bottom of your screen. area of low pressure will remain to the south of us today. that will bring confuse sprinkles to fredericksburg in the early morning. not going to amount to noa lot. there could be winter weather tomorrow night. highs today in the low 50's. >>> clearing overnight construction. prince george's county near pennsylvania avenue. and on the beltway at john hanson highway. that is gone. normal on 95 b
of americans still want america to be number one and america to leave. he doesn't want to do that. that's not his instinct on this. >> i think he is, some could argue, is he leading but there is the criticism is we're not doing it alone. do we really want to do that? do we want another afghanistan, pat buchanan? >> secretary gates is right, anybody that recommended another afghanistan ought to have his head examined. >> exactly. >> i agree. in a sense what obama is doing, look, this thing is on a tremendous role. he stayed with mubarak. mubarak was our ally for 30 years. he has moved against libya because gadhafi's a thug and everybody despises him. yemen we haven't done that well, bahrain, we basically support the saudis going in there. it's too vital because it affects a part of saudi arabia. overall, he's riding this rolling wave in and he's not doing -- i do think he's made a mistake by getting into this libya mess. as gates said we have no vital interest in. who knew -- there were no massacre s i massacres in ras yanuff. >> the administration's view is there would have been more in
of nuclear energy in america. >> the partial meltdown at three mile island had a crippling effect on the u.s. nuclear power program. no new plans have been ordered in the u.s. since then. last year president obama announced that would change. his administration was putting $8 billion into federal loan guarantees toward america for new power plant in 30 years. in the wake of the japan disaster, president obama and nuclear experts have expressed confidence that u.s. power plants are safe, but that may not be enough to ease public concerns. there's a sharp decline in the percentage of americans that support building a nuclear plant. that theory has not spread to capitol hill. some lawmakers have raised concern, but nuclear energy still has bipartisan support. >> i am not persuaded that nuclear power should be deleted from the list of options that we look at. >> i would not sign an executive order to freeze construction of nuclear plants. >> last year president obama said the u.s. cannot afford to fall behind. if america fails to invest in alternative energy, it will mean lost jobs and higher
and i are back in three minutes. martha: here's what's developing right now in "america's newsroom". libyan state television, showing what they say is leader mommar qaddafi traveling in tripoli's suburb, the video showing the leader surrounded, and a person due in court, plan to go launch terror attacks. his plan mentioned former president george w. bush. >>> and in washington, congress to pass a budget by friday to avoid a shutdown, reports the white house is now working with democrats to cut another $20 billion in spending cuts. bill: pocket change, right, martha? twenty billion, right pocket? that's right. >>> so news today from japan. and new concerns about harmful radiation. officials saying one of the six reactors is now spreading further into the ocean. also, late last night, a 6.5 earthquake, shaking eastern japan, and that briefly prompted a tsunami alert. but how extensive is the radiation in the water and soil? live from oka -- osaka, domic di-natale. >> we're not sure of the radiation leak going the water. there has been an issue, with the the fukushima plant, where the
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, form her pennsylvania governor ed rendell and amy holmes, co-host of "america oes morning news," a radio program, also a former speech writer for bill frisk. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> governor, you've heard the critics. how does barack obama made the objective clear? what does he have to say tonight? >> i think events are actually doing the talking for president obama. i think the policy is going to be as successful as president clinton's policy stopping ma lo. one, we built a successful coalition now doing a lot of the fighting and helping us pay for this. two, we stopped a massacre of 50,000 to 100,000 people in benghazi. three, we weakened gadhafi's forces. four, we've enhanced the u.s.'s reputation with the arab world as was shown by the reaction to the downed american pilot. all that remains to be done is to get gadhafi out, and i think that's going to happen, i think that has almost become inevitab inevitable. i think his own armed forces are eventually going to pulg the plugs. >> if he makes the four points the governor outlined, d
don bring libya america, and the arab spring? we do have a sense at the moment of being in the middle of a great historical whirlwind. we are being taken somewhere. i think few of us are certain about where we are going to land. tonight, the president is going to address the nation for the first time from the oval office. he will speak on the topic of the war in libya. none of us are quite sure what is he is going to say, but i think many propose a lot of hope that he will express a clear sense of what the united states is to achieve what our goals are what our plans are for the future, and how we see libya fitting into the broader question of the revolutions that are going on, even as we sit here today, throughout the middle east and continuing to spread throughout syria continuing to royal yemen bahrain and elsewhere. it is difficult, i think for even seasoned experts to stay on top of. tomorrow the international community will meet in london to discuss many of these same questions. pres. sarkozy and prime minister cameron in the last hour issued a statement suggesting they wanted t
to this. tony blair went to libya in 2004 and announced that america had its new ally in the war against terror. condi rice went to libya also, to meet her new friend, muammar gaddafi in 2008. five weeks ago, libya was our ally. now there are many reports in the media about how many of the rebels are either al-qaeda or linked to al-qaeda. what i do not understand is why this new clause i military alliance with al-qaeda has formed -- new quasi-military alliance with al-qaeda has formed. they describe how many of the rebels are al-qaeda or led by al-qaeda. you can go to a and there's a very good article on how many of the rebels are linked to al- qaeda. host: you think the mission of the u.s. should be altered because of the influence of al- qaeda in libya? caller: i think the mission itself is illegal because the un resolution itself violates the u.n. charter. the un charter says it can only be collective military action to restore international peace and order and not to intervene in another country's civil affairs. host: richard, in chicago illinois. talk to us about y
, particularly the secretary of defense, saying that this campaign in libya is not in america's vital interest, questions laid out by senator lugar and criticism. pretty high stakes for the president. >> yes. and i don't think he'll be able to ask the central question. you asked the right question in talking about the national interest. the question hasn't yet been answered as to why it is that libya, of all countries in the region, has won the humanitarian defense sweepstakes of 2011. we have seen many countries, both in the region and throughout the world, where civilian loss and civilian suffering has been much, much greater, congo, we've lost about 5 million people, sudan 2 million to 3 million people, never any talk of military intervention. take a look at what's going on in the ivory coast today. secretary clinton was talking about the number of refugee that's might have come out of a gadhafi attack on benghazi. we've got 700,000 refugees in the ivory coast right now, close to 1 million, in fact. why, why libya? hasn't been answered. >> do you think, savannah, that the president will mak
secretary gates. obama, in the end, made a decision, we are going in, but now his objective is that america ought to leave and have the war on going. he wants to give up -- it is process over bad policy. you just heard him say in that at the exit strategy is executed this week. >> what is the exit strategy? >> the u.s. has special capability that will still be at us and that war. >> there are two parts to this, the easy part, the no-fly zone, and the other part, continuing to protect the civilian population, which apparently we have. >> gaddafi tries to test the no- fly zone. one fighter shot down by a french fighter, that is the end of that. >> well, the reason that we do is that after six days of negotiation, in which the u.s., through the secretary of state, desperately tried to get nato and others to take over, she did not succeed. that is why she at that awkward a statement tuesday night, saying "we are negotiating, drawing up our plans tornado to take over." the thing is, if we give that up, which obama is desperate to do, that is what he means by it exit strategy, and then, airstrike
the heavy role america plays in nato. mr. obama believes that america's foreign intervention has so damaged the country's image that the stamp of u.s. leadership on this one would be a stain. that explains his willingness to allow the situation to deteriorate until a coalition could be formed. and the u.n.'s blessing could be obtained. that has not stopped critics. and on the right and left from complaining. but so far, the gripes have come mostly from the fringes or from those who habitually complain when a president uses force without congressional permission. the odds now that if the president asked for congressional authorization he would get it. but then he might have to keep talking about the mission after tonight. doesn't seem to want to do that. bret? >> bret: we talked about the difference between the u.s. policy if gaddafi needs to go and the u.n. security council resolution protecting libyan population. if gaddafi is in power one month from now, is this all a failure? >> well, i think that piece of it, the united states policy that gaddafi has to go will be seen as having up to t
the muslim world was the start of something. and he said he wanted to try and change america's standing and its place in people's minds and in the world. and a lot of people called him on it. these rebellions all over the middle east amount to a lot of young people sort of saying, okay, you want to change your role, come support us. in egypt, he began to do that. in libya, he's trying to take another step, it's an emerging doctrine, again, very controversial, politically unpopular in many quarters. that's what i'm going to be listening for tomorrow, is there an obama doctrine? is he really serious about realigning america so groups like nato or even the arab league will have some influence over our foreign policy. he wants to make sure america is not simply going it alone. and i'm expecting to hear him explain exactly how the united states will step back and let others step forward. >> errol louis, thank you, sir. >> thank you, don. >> and, again, the president will address the nation about libya tomorrow night. cnn will bring it live to you with coverage starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern.
is this is a different kind of coalition from the ones we maybe saw through the bush years where it was america with other countries supporting what america wanted to do. here they're saying look at the arab involvement, look at the international community taking a lead here. that's not going to satisfy people politically. it's not going to answer the critics on the hill, but it's very much how the white house is trying to frame this very gray, mushy mission right now. >> a mushy mission. that's a mouthful. richard wolffe, thanks, sir. >>> gregory meeks is a democrat from new york and a member of the house foreign affairs committee. are you concerned, sir, that the president did not come to congress to get authorization for the military intervention? >> being a member of congress, you always like the president to come to you first. however, when you talk about the history of no-fly zones, it's happened before. president bill clinton did it in bosnia and kosovo. >> there's a long history of presidents taking military action before first consulting congress. zachary taylor did it back in the 1800
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